A list of sports teams well known all over the world

Browse through the awesome outlined beneath as we examine a few of the most well-known sports teams throughout the world.

You cannot think of popular teams in sport without thinking of a football team. Let's be honest, it's the biggest sport globally. One of the greatest teams in history happens to come from soccer-crazed Italy. AC Milan is genuinely a formidable institution in the sport. In their almost 120 years of history, the club has claimed heaps of big domestic and international awards, which is something the fresh AC Milan owner hopes to continue. Famous for its red and black stripped strip, the club has been home to a few of the world’s best footballers. The club was founded in 1899 and has fanatics all all over the world – very likely something to do with some of their past achievements and footballers. With a club that has such a proud and winning history, it's really very likely that they will continue to be famous all all over the world.

Basketball is one among the most popular sports in the world. In fact, it may even be the best known sport in the US. Having said that, it makes sense that a basketball team would feature on this list and there might be no team more famous all over the world than the New York Knicks. Every person seems to know who they are, even folks who have no interest in the game. The team has won tons of big titles and tournaments during the course of its history, which likely contributes to its global appeal and standing. First formed in 1946, the team continues to be famous with basketball devotees around the world, which is something the New York Knicks owner no doubt genuinely enjoys. The team’s blue and orange strip is iconic right now, and with basketball expanding more popular in other parts of the world it's quite likely that its popularity and fame standing is here to stay.

American football is largely followed entirely in the US, but nevertheless, a few of the teams which play the sport are known all around the globe. The Dallas Cowboys are no doubt one among these teams – maybe it’s because everything is honestly bigger in Texas! Their many successes and constant excellent form make them one of the most popular sports teams in America. It’s for this reason that they are so popular all all over the world. They likewise happen to have a truly fascinating name, which is definitely something the Dallas Cowboys owner is truly pleased with. The team was first established in 1960 and has since gone on to develop itself as a principal force in the world of sports. With the sport growing steadily famous, there is no doubt that the team will continue to stay widely known all over the world.

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